Pete the Caregiver

1990- I started my care giving career back in 1990. My Neighbors on either side of us happen to be elderly men. I was probably around 14 and was looking for ways I could make money doing odd jobs. I began to get to know my elderly Neighbors and found myself spending a lot of time listening to them talk for hours about life experiences, war and their travels. I really enjoyed listening to their stories.

1992-I realized early on that spending time helping others was what I wanted to do. When I turned 16,  I landed a job with the state of NY working for a Community Residence home in Newark NY. I was working with around 12 men with developmental disabilities. I would cook for them and assist them with their day to day activities.

1997- After High School, I moved to Canandaigua NY where I took another Job working at a Community Residence home for VA out patients’. There was about 24 men who I looked after as a live in caretaker/night manager/cook. It's easy to become attached to these men after spending so much time getting to know each of them and what they have been though.

2000- I moved to Orlando Florida to take a Live-in Caregiver job for a man named Leon Rouse. Leon had Diabetes and was blind. I really enjoyed helping Leon. 

I would love to be a personal caregiver again someday. 

The following pictures are of 24 VA out-patients I cared for.