Character References:

Ben Gordon age 42. Phone (585)  358-5796 known (16 years/Friends)

Roger Sontage age 68. Phone: (585)-319-6093 (friends)


Ben Gordons reference: 

                        Hello Scott, I would highly recommend Pete for the job. I have known Pete for 15 years now and I would trust him with all that I own. He is more than qualified to handle handy man problems, he has been doing that for years in his own personal business. He has many clients that seem to hoard him to themselves because of his integrity. It's very difficult to find an individual that you can trust with everything, caring for anything and honest too. He meets all of those standards. He has a relationship with God and continually endeavors enrich that relationship through study and fellowship with others. 

Pete would be a great asset to your farm. I trust after a year you will be writing me back thanking me for this referral.

May your life find great blessing as you endeavor to find peace and happiness in it.

Ben Gorton  585-358-5796

PS. please feel free to ask any questions you might feel need an answer.
From: Benjamin Gorton <>
Date: November 15, 2011 3:55:59 PM EST



On Sun, Jun 2, 2013 at 2:56 PM, Andrew Publow <> wrote:
To whom it may concern:

Pete Scoville has been my Building Technican and acting Security guard for my industrial building since 2007. I would recommend him as a general handyman and would vouch for his honesty without question. He would make an excellent caretaker.
Andrew Publow
Building owner / Hazlow Electronics Inc.


Harry Allan:

I would recommend Peter to be your caretaker. I have been friends with Peter since 2001.

 Peter has worked for my company "Solid Rock Construction" over the  years since 2002.  Peter is honest, hardworking and aims to please his customers.  Peter would make a great property caretaker.  

Harry Allan


 The following references are from

 I have been a member on Couchsurfing since Jannuary 2009. I have hosted the following couch surfers.  


From Aruel Almoguer
Portland, United States
Aug 31, 2011
Met in person Friend, Surfed 1 days

Pete was a really amazing host! He took a day off work just to show me around and made sure I had an incredible time:) We went on a mini-hike, then walked up some beautiful falls, and finally went swimming in not so warm water; it was really fun! I had always thought NY was Manhattan and nothing else, but he showed me that new York is SO much more! i want to move out here because of the places he took me to! :p
~Thank you for hosting me Pete,  


Tania Caballero
From Tania Caballero
Rochester, United States
Sep 23, 2010
Met in person

I met Pete through another couchsurfer who was visiting from out of town (Carmela!) we all had a fun time having dinner. Pete knows a lot about great places to see when in Rochester and will give you good suggestions or take you on a tour himself! a very warm and funny guy. : )

From Carmela Calafato
Milano, Italy
Sep 16, 2010
Met in person Couchsurfing Friend, Surfed 2 days

Pete is a nice and interesting person. He knows the best places of Rochester. It was so fun to go around with him. I met him few times but I learned lot of things from him. Very positive experience.

From Fabiano Franco
Albany, United States
Aug 8, 2010
Met in person Friend, Surfed 2 days

Pete is an amazing person... so fun to be around and smart guy to talk to... to make things better he has an incredible place!! definitely worth getting to know! Thanks for all Pete!

Rasta  Clayton
From Rasta Clayton
Canandaigua, United States
Aug 30, 2009
Met in person Couchsurfing Friend,

he has a warm personality and very down to earth i have no doubt he gets along with many people easily as we have lots in common.




 Comments from people who visited my website:

Sooo...Pete, I have nothing to offer except to say this is awesome. You did a fabulous job on this and I am certain you will be offered an incredible position. I admire you. I need to sell my home, then I am right behind you, and your site is inspiring. Good luck on your adventures. Live on. Miss Annie